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A good orthodontist is the doctor who puts on plates, braces and other orthodontic appliances to correct various bite defects.

The list of services that the specialist provides includes procedures aimed at correcting defects and pathologies of the dentoalveolar apparatus. In addition to increasing its functionality, work is carried out to improve the aesthetics of the teeth, resulting in a perfect smile regardless of the age of the patient.

Orthodontic services can be provided only by certified specialists who provide diagnosis, prevention and treatment at the appropriate level. One of the best doctors is considered to be Dr. Medhat – many patients are convinced of his competence and high professionalism.

The orthodontist - what are his responsibilities

Here are the main defects whose correction is the responsibility of the orthodontist:

Various forms of bite disorders – from mild defects to complex pathologies that require surgical intervention,
Abnormal growth of teeth, their crooked position,
Large interdental spaces or crowding,
Abnormal dental arches,
Difficulty in breathing due to certain imperfections of the maxillary system,
Problems with speaking function and masticatory muscles,
Asymmetry in facial features.
Who needs the services of a good orthodontist
Patients with bite problems caused by the structure of the dentoalveolar apparatus or the abnormal positioning of the teeth come to the specialist. Before the prescription of treatment, the patient is examined and a number of additional examinations are performed to make a diagnosis. Modern technical equipment is used to obtain the most accurate results and to avoid discomfort or pain for the patient.

Treatment includes the use of special constructions and materials to ensure prompt and effective adjustment for any bite problems, eliminating diastema and alignment of the jaw.

Stages of consultation and treatment
An orthodontist works in the following way:

First comes the diagnosis, which usually includes not only a visual examination, but also a variety of research methods, such as orthopantomogram, X-rays, teleradiography. All referrals are made at the first visit.
After that, the doctor selects the treatment and prepares the patient for it. The specialist does a lot of work without the client’s participation, e.g. all the things an orthodontist does when preparing braces, crowns, etc. The doctor works with scans, impressions and other tools and analyzes the data obtained during the diagnosis.
The third step is the placement of hardware in the patient’s mouth. This usually does not take long.
The next step is to monitor how the treatment is going. If problems are observed, the specialist will correct them in time.
The last step is the removal of the appliances to correct the dentition.

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